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How to Apply

How to Apply

I am ready! How do I apply?

  • Please view our floor plans page and choose the unit(s) you wish to apply to.
  • Create an account on our online application portal
  • Follow instruction on our online application portal to complete your application


What does the application process look like?

Once the application form is completed, we will run a credit check and verify all of your tenancy (current and previous landlord references), employer, and personal references. In certain situations, we may also request photo ID to verify your identity. Once we have processed the application, we will notify you of the decision in a timely manner.

If you are a student, or a nonresident of BC, you may need to have the following items along with your application for tenancy:

  • A guarantor, who as permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. All guarantors must fill out an application form, provide proof of finances, and be included in the lease for life of the tenancy.
  • Proof of financial records
  • Proof of valid work or school visas


How can I make my application to rent stand out?

Ensure that the application has been entirely and clearly filled out. To help us better understand who is renting, attach and include any additional information you feel is important to the application, such as a cover letter of who you are.


How long does it take to process my application?

The turnaround time for a response is at least 24 hours. It may also take longer depending on whether more information is needed in the application form or we are unable to reach your references. 

Things that may help expedite your application include making sure that the application is filled out completely and clearly, and notifying your landlord(s) and employers beforehand.

My application has been accepted! What next?

  • Pay your security deposit
    You will receive a notification by email to log back into your Macdonald Property Management application portal (where you completed the application form) to pay for the security deposit and/or pet deposit.
  • Review tenancy agreement
    Your Property Manager will send you the tenancy agreement and the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC)’s “Renting Residential Property: What Tenants Need to Know” disclosure form to review and sign.
    They will advise you if anything else is required and further details of what is needed for the move in process.  This may include, but not limited to, scheduling the move in inspection, information on elevator bookings and move in fees, and building rules.